Mulighetsstudien – Pre feasibility study

En viktig milepæl er nådd. Sent i oktober mottok KPK det første store rapporten fra NHC: Nybrufossen Whitewater Park Project Engineering Pre-Feasibility Study.

I dette dokumentet går NHC ved Gavin Post og Darren Shepherd gjennom alle relevante aspekter ved prosjektet, basert på informasjon KPK har skaffet til veie. Konklusjonene kan

dere lese under.

KPK retained NHC to conduct an engineering pre-feasibility study of the proposed Nybrufossen Whitewater Park to be located on the Numadelslaagen River within the city of Kongsberg, Norway.
The steep topography of the Nybrufossen falls presents a challenging opportunity to possibly create a multiple-feature park for the whole community to enjoy. KPK has been the driving force for the development of the park generating excitement within the community and beyond.
The two main objectives of the pre-feasibility study were to become familiar with the project area and to conduct a hydraulic assessment of various concepts for the proposed whitewater park. It is the desire of the KPK to: (i) create at least one playwave feature within the park extents that will perform satisfactorily for paddlers over a range of river discharges; and (ii) maintain the downstream passage of paddlers through the waterfall section. NHC conceptually developed three design options for the park, and a total of six modifications for the preferred option of creating a park directly within the falls section.
The six possible design modifications to the falls section of the Numedalslaagen River that may be required to develop the whitewater park and create satisfactory wave performance (in order of their importance with respect to the objective of the project) are:
• restructuring of the falls section and upper pool;
• restructuring of the ledge at the downstream edge of the upper pool;
• restructuring of the river-left rock outcrop;
• restructuring of the bottom pool;
• the development of pathways and access; and
• an intermediate kayaking / tubing channel.
Several possible construction methods were presented; however, their associated costs were not provided at this time. The most important consideration for construction is whether or not the falls can be dewatered, which may likely require conventional cofferdam application. Detailed bathymetry is also required for making volume estimates which are essential for determining the scope and cost of construction.
Prior to commencing hydraulic modelling efforts, NHC plans to revisit the proposed construction methodologies once a site visit and detailed survey of the area have been completed. That will ultimately help better define the overall project goal and realize which modifications are possible which, in turn, will help streamline the hydraulic modelling process.

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